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Pulpa was born from a need to create and to be independent; out of dreams to live your own life and to create your own world – where one is not a slave to what they own, where one prefers to be rather than to possess, to experience rather than to acquire.
A world where quality is valued over quantity and where beauty matters.
A world that is mindful and ethical, open but focused on here and now. A world that believes that what we have next to us is good enough but is also curious about inspirations from afar.


Pulpa offers minimalistic clothing created locally according to the philosophy of Marta Maruszczyk, its designer. She has been fascinated by fashion since adolescence and as she matured, so did her hobby. What was originally just a nice way to express herself, eventually turned into full-time creation. The need to share her concepts,  in some measure accidentally led to the establishment of the brand. Marta never expected that her pastime hobby would naturally evolve into what it is now.

Pulpa is elegant enough to fulfill the thirst for beauty and so comfortable that it meets the need for freedom; it’s perfect for discovering the world and it’s for you to choose whether it’s the one a few steps away or the one on another continent.
Pulpa is unique. There are usually only several copies of each model – they are available as long as there is still some beautiful fabric left or a new collection is released.
Look around and breathe. Spend your time your way.

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