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Pulpa na Nowym
pl. Nowy Targ 10
50-142 Wrocław
tel: +48 518 665 507

Mon – Sat 10 AM – 6 PM


It’s impossible not to love the city in which you chose to live 15 years ago. Right in its heart, there is a place that has preserved its old soul and character that other commercial spaces lack. This edifice from the beginning of the 20th century, a high-class architectural monument in the center of old Wroclaw’s trade, is where locals can touch and smell what they want to buy and relax sipping on a cup of delicious coffee. 
It was a risky decision to open my store on the first floor of Wroclaw’s Market Hall but I followed my values and taste. This choice was unusual and perverse but the atmosphere of this place was definitely worth it.
Pay me a visit and see for yourself what I’m talking about!

– Marta

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